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HTML: HyperText Markup Language

Tim Berners-Lee invented the first browser at CERN, to enable researchers to share their research with eachother.

Image courtesy CERN

History of the web

  • 1989: The motivation

    CERN Physicist Tim Berners-Lee needed “a pool of information which could grow and evolve with the organisation and the projects it describes.”

    Read the original proposal

  • 1989: The invention

    Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, HTTP, and wrote the first HTML page.

  • 1993: It starts small

    Berners-Lee presented the WWW at the IETF conference in a small BoF session, which is mentioned in the proceedings.

  • 1993: It gets bigger!

    NCSA creates the free Mosaic” browser, and adds bookmarks, images, and a better UI.

  • 1993+: The explosion

    The number of domains increased as the internet started being used by commerce.

  • 1994: The World Wide Web Consortium

    Berners-Lee founds the W3C to standardize HTML for all browsers to follow.

History of HTML versions

  • 1995: HTML 2.0
  • 1997 (Jan): HTML 3.2
  • 1997 (Dec): HTML 4.0
  • 1999: HTML 4.01
  • 2004: “HTML5” is proposed by WHATWG, a new committee
  • 2008: HTML5 is adopted by W3C as a standard.

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